LMSC Ford Fusion
A Package

Base Price – $1557.00

Composite Flange Fit Roof with attached A-post, Windshield Base and starter dash, Premium Composite Quarter Panels, Fenders, Hood and Deck Filler with Window Base and interior package tray. Durable White Aluminum Doors, Deck Lid and Premium Aluminum Rocker Panels, Front and Rear Bumper Covers, Plus an ARbodies exclusive Get it all in your choice of White, Black or 5 additional colors.

LMSC Ford Fusion
C Package

Base Price – $2255.00

This package includes our A package plus Windows & Lexan Spoiler

This package includes CNC Precut, Predrilled & Preblacked Molded Mar Resistant Front Windshield, CNC Precut, Predrilled & Preblacked Molded Rear Window and Quarter Windows. Premium 4pc Lexan Spoiler Kit, that includes 2pc Tig Welded Aluminum Spoiler Mount & 2pc Lexan Spoiler Blade.

LMSC Ford Fusion
M Package

Base Price – $2878.00

This package includes both A & C packages plus most of the commonly used accessories you will need to install your new ABC body

The complete body package from ARBodies. Everything you need to have a complete body, including our lower end nose supports for maximum durability and downforce. At ARbodies we are all about Aerodynamics & these nose supports are the strongest and best in the industry!

LMSC Ford Fusion
Re Skin Package

Base Price – $894.00

Our 12pc Re-skin Package includes all of the lower body panels that are subject to normal damage from Short Track Racing. Kit Includes: Durable Plastic Nose & Rear Bumper Cover. Premium Composite Quarter Panels & Fenders. Pre-painted Aluminum Doors & Rocker Panels.

Our Re-skin package saves you $$$

LMSC Ford Fusion – Individual Body Components

Each body component is made to properly fit existing panels perfectly, every time. Please if you are picking a colored panel, request the color in the checkout.

LMSC Aluminum Doors

Base Pricing: $86.25$93.00

LMSC Fenders

Base Pricing: $119.50$159.50

LMSC Quarter Panels

Base Pricing: $162.50$218.50

LMSC Bumper Covers

Base Pricing: $71.50$81.50

LMSC Front Window Base, Composite

Base Pricing: $106.00

LMSC Rocker Panels

Base Pricing: $34.00$41.00

LMSC Deck Lid

Base Pricing: $55.50$61.50

LMSC Hoods

Base Pricing: $179.50$489.50


Base Pricing: $189.50$425.50

LMSC Deck Lid Filler

Base Pricing: $109.50$129.50

LMSC Nose Piece

Base Pricing: $71.50$81.50