SS Chevy Camaro Sportsman C-Package


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Product Description

Everything from the A-Package plus Lightweight Hood Pin Bar, Lightweight Tail Pin Bar, 1.75 Front & Rear preformed wrap around Bumper Bars. Valance Wear Strip (choice of color), 1/4” Valance Attachment kit, 3/16 small head rivets (250) and back up washers. 8 complete 1/2“ Aluminum Hood Pins with scuff plates. Durable Master Graphics Kit and Quarter Window Decal kit.

*Painting your body can add up to 30lbs to its weight if you prime and seal it. Much of that added weight is up to 48” in the air which is not what you want on a race car. Our precolored bodies do not add any extra weight… A Great weight savings and its more economical than painting!